Custom Flag Printing Services

Custom Flag Printing Services at Pixelforma: Express Yourself in Style

Welcome to our page dedicated to custom flag printing services at Pixelforma! We specialize in creating unique, high quality flags to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for flags for an event, business, club or just to express your passion, we have the size and style options to suit. Discover below our different flag sizes as well as the styles and mounting options available.

Sizes available:

  • 120x180 cm: This generous size is ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions or to display your message in an impactful way.
  • 96x144 cm: A slightly more compact size, perfect for special occasions or events where you want to convey a strong message.
  • 128x192 cm: An intermediate size, perfect for attracting attention in public spaces or for representing your company in a professional manner.
  • 14x21 cm: A practical table flag size, ideal for offices, intimate events or to add a touch of personalization to your workspace.
  • 160x240cm: A large size option, perfect for sporting events, festivals or adding a commanding presence to your event.
  • 192x288 cm: An even larger size, ideal for special occasions, large gatherings or to convey a strong message to a large audience.
  • 20x30cm: A compact flag size, ideal for desktop displays, promotional giveaways or to show your support at small events.
  • 60x240 cm: An elongated format, perfect for personalized banners, parades or to mark your presence over a long distance.
  • 40x60 cm: A versatile size, ideal for indoor events, exhibition stands or to decorate your personal space.
  • 60x90cm: A classic size, perfect for country flags, sports clubs or showing your colors with pride.
  • 90x150 cm: A standard size, ideal for promotional flags, public institutions or to show your support at important events.
  • 64x96 cm: A medium size, perfect for exhibition stands, commercial presentations or to promote your brand in style.
  • 94x96 cm: A unique format, ideal for region-specific flags, cultural events or to display your identity in a distinctive way.

Attachment styles and options:

  1. No eyelets: This option is ideal if you plan to use your flag with specific mounting systems or if you want to hang it in another creative way.
  2. 2 eyelets on the left: The eyelets on the left allow easy attachment of the flag to a flagpole
  1. White stripe without grommets: If you prefer a more streamlined appearance, this option offers a white stripe on the left side of the flag, without grommets. You can easily hang it using clips or special hooks.
  2. 2 left grommets with white stripe: This option combines the left grommets with a white stripe, providing both ease of attachment and an attractive aesthetic.
  3. 1 eyelet at each corner: If you want a versatile attachment, this option with an eyelet at each corner allows different hanging possibilities, whether with ropes, hooks or carabiners.
  4. 10 Grommets: For more secure fixing, our option with 10 eyelets distributed around the entire perimeter of the flag guarantees a solid fixing, suitable for harsh weather conditions or outdoor installations.

At Pixelforma, we use high quality materials for our flags, which guarantees their durability and weather resistance. In addition, our advanced printing process allows the colors, details and patterns of your design to be faithfully reproduced.

Order your custom flag now from Pixelforma and let us turn your vision into reality. Whether it is to promote your business, show your support for a cause or add a decorative touch to your space, our flag printing services will meet all your expectations. Trust our expertise and enjoy superior quality, fast turnaround and exceptional customer service.